Planning in Nidderdale AONB

Local authorities are responsible for determining planning applications in Nidderdale AONB. Harrogate, Hambleton and Richmondshire are the local authorities covering the area. Individual planning enquiries should be directed to your relevant local planning authority.

Planning consultations

The planning authorities follow policies designed to protect the AONB's landscape. They consult the AONB Joint Advisory Committee on applications for planning permission that would be likely to have a significant impact on Nidderdale AONB's environment.

The AONB’s Joint Advisory Committee comments on around 150 planning applications a year where members think they can add value to decisions being made about an application. This includes applications which are for large scale developments, or small scale developments which will have a significant impact on the landscape such as the conversion of traditional vernacular buildings for equestrian or residential use, or developments which are in open countryside outside towns and villages.

You can read the AONB’s responses to planning consultations from the past three months here

The Joint Advisory Committee’s response to the Draft Local Plan for Harrogate District is here. 

Pre application advice

Are you considering applying for planning permission? AONB pre-application advice will give an indication in advance of how the Joint Advisory Committee would respond when formally consulted by local planning authorities after an application has been submitted. This note on pre application advice in the AONB provides more information about the process for using the AONB’s pre application advice service.

Minerals and waste disposal

For further information about minerals and waste disposal planning issues contact North Yorkshire County Council.

Renewable energy

Interested in renewable energy? There is great potential within the AONB for small scale and sensitive forms of renewable energy. Harrogate Borough Council can advise on whether or not planning permission is required.

Listed buildings

Nidderdale AONB has 570 listed buildings ranging from entire, grand country houses to individual milestones and village pumps. Find out more about listed building protection, restrictions on development and alteration, and possible grant assistance in Harrogate Borough Council’s listed buildings leaflet.

To find out if your property is listed or make an application for listed building consent contact your local council.

Conservation areas

Conservation Areas are designated by local councils and are concerned with the man-made environment. Designation as a Conservation Area gives an area more protection against harmful development or re-development.

As a reflection of the rich architectural history of the AONB there are 14 Conservation Areas in the AONB:

Village Design Statements

A Village Design Statement (VDS) is an advisory document produced by the village community. It describes the qualities that residents value in their village and its surroundings and sets out guidance for the design of development based on the village's character. It can help affect how any new building fits in to the village.

Village Design Statements are adopted by Harrogate Borough Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance to the Harrogate District Local Plan.

Two parishes in the AONB have each produced and published a VDS:

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